Friday, January 4, 2013

This Day is Reserved to be Sad

Have you ever experience a day, when almost everything makes you feel bad, and the whole world is making a promise, "Hey, let's make this day as miserable as it can gets". Nothing lifts up your spirit.  The weather, the people, everything. Not even staring at a picture of your celebrity crush brings a smile to you. Listening to your favourite song would be just..meh. A video that makes you cry of laughter became the video that makes you cry of sadness. I don't even know what's the cause of it. But, all I want to do is curl up and cry. And just sleep until tomorrow or the day after that. Yet, I know. That the time the tomorrow's Sun shines, I will be my usual self. And I would probably be cheerful again. I would continue my life as if today doesn't happened. I can laugh and smile again. I can sing my heart off and dance around happily. I would play piano for hours. I am going to read and read and write and write. And, maybe in another month or year, this day would happen again. Without any cause, nor effect. But, they always happen. Always do. As a cycle, like always. And. I would handle it just the same. And it was inevitable. Like a falling rain. Like the blowing of the wind. A cycle of life that seldom be remembered. And I think, maybe this day is indeed reserved to be sad.


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