Monday, December 31, 2012

Que Sera Sera~

These late years, this is the first time I spend my New Year in my home country, Indonesia. Rather than spending it in my hometown, I'm stuck here spending this year's ending in JAKARTA. That capslock was not on purpose but I'm not deleting it anyway cause it gives a more dramatic feels. So, here I am, trying to make the BEST I can. My aunt is welcoming a new baby a few days ago <<<< That is the reason I am here. I try to help as much but I end up being really tired at the end of the day and keep on postponing and  postponing my study of World War II, which I have been dying to understand since reading Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

It was great. There are a lot of things that really touch me but, I'm not having any of that diddle-doo in this post because this is a Year end's post and it should sticks to that. But, I promise to write more about that book in the later post.

So, the book ends and I lost some spirit of mine. So it goes. It ends like this :


Ah, and last week I had a dream which has Minho, Siwon and Tom Felton in it. How cool (?) why

#10 I am going to exercise more and go outside more. I want to enjoy nature more and freely so that I am able to remember who I am and what my intentions are. 
#9 I am going to read a lot of books and getting books from library much more frequently. 
#8 I am going to figure out my way of life, who I want to be, what my ambition is and how am I going to achieve it. 
#7 I am going to be a friendlier person, I want to make friends with more people and I am going to be a nicer, kinder person. I shall make no critic of others or make fun of others. 
#6 I am going to be a stronger person. I will not hide away anymore, I am going to stand up on myself without sufficiently being mean or cruel to others. 
#5 I am going to accept how my past was, and not regretting it. 
#4 I am going to embrace the future warmly, instead of being afraid. 
#3 I am going to write more and do more of other things that I have been lazy to do or afraid to do. I am going to do what I want to do and not caring what people say or whether they like it or not. 
#2 I am going to be happier and less sad. I try to look at the happy moment and forget the awful moment and live in a "day-tight" compartment. I am going to worry less and just everything flows by naturally. I am going to make a right decision for my life and I am going to be free. 
#1 I am going to do the Sunah pray more often and read Qur'an more often. I want to be closer to Allah SWT and discover inner peacefulness. I want to be a better servant of Him. I want Him to guide me throughout this life for I make mistakes easily and He will never. I hope that I live my life the BEST way I can. Amin.


Que sera sera~ Whatever will be will be~

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