Saturday, March 24, 2018

Popolo Cafe

One Friday, I was in front of my laptop, staring at my email page without knowing what to expect lol. And reminiscing the time when I still have my phone (yeah I kind of dipped my phone into the ocean) and now it is broken. As it is still the beginning of the semester, so there is not much thing to do yet so I kind of don't know what I am going to do the day I got no lecture to attend. When suddenly a notification came out from my Hangouts account, I knew that well perhaps, this day isn't going to be so boring after all.

It is basically a really spontaneous idea. Miftha and I decided to go out, though we don't know exactly where and she didn't give me any options either -_- So, I just went out and grab one of my magazines to look for some places review in the magazine and tadaaa we finally decided to go to Bogor, more precisely to Popolo Cafe in Taman Budaya Sentul, Bogor.

As I've mentioned before, it is not exactly located in Bogor but in Sentul. So, after we've arrived in Bogor Station we must make our way to Sentul by bus. But in my case, because the the bus is a bit late so we decided to use Grabcar about 45k as it is pretty far from the city. I also asked the bus attendant whether the bus will directly arrived in Taman Budaya Sentul which he answered no. According to him, the bus will stopped at Bellanova Mall and then we need to take another options of transportation to Taman Budaya Sentul. The bus costs 20k per person (if I'm not mistaken) so it's pretty much the same with going there with Grabcar plus we must "ojek" our way to Taman Budaya which at the end is more costly 😭

Overall, the place is really nice and cozy. I didn't have the shot of this coffee shop from the outside but it is really small. There are only five small tables and one long table on the inside and several tables located on the terrace and some long tables at the side of the shop (I guess). But, it is full of customers and all the tables are almost full. The interior design is simple and natural to match the outside scenery. What I love the most about this coffee shop and what interests me to visit it is the fact that this coffee shop have windows instead of walls, so you can see the trees outside and also the sky. So, although it is small, you won't feel tight or cramped (I like it because I am a bit claustrophobic as well).

See what I mean. Its walls are made out of windows ! 😻

Took shots of the cute mbak barista too 😂

We ordered Bailey's latte and Cafe Cubo with brownies & ice cream. All the drinks were the recommendation of mbak barista. I like my Bailey's latte alright. It tastes really sweet which suits me well (cause I love sweetness) and I felt like I've never taste anything like it before. So, for you guys who likes to try new things you can try this Bailey's latte for 35k.

But, between the two, the cutest idea is Cafe Cubo 😂 It is really neat as you can pour your coffee by yourself. Well, actually what you pour is the milk and liquid sugar, as the coffee is frozen (hence "cubo"). Then, as you pour on the milk it will melt slowly (would help with a bit of stirring too). 

Both of us looovveeeee the brownies a bit too much perhaps. It's not the usual brownies which is soft, but it is much more crispy and sweet and you can really taste the chocolate. The outside is dry, therefore the crunchy taste, but the inside is soft. It matched the vanilla ice cream perfectly. I am literally drooling once more while I write this hahahaha.

So, overall, I really love this cafe. The food was nice. The place was amazing. And the waiter and waitress are friendly and rather funny really 😂 I would definitely be back for a second visit if I have the time (and money of course). Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that this cafe actually located in two places. One in Sentul and another one in Bogor, near Botani Square. So, if you just want to try their food without having to go all the way to Sentul, you can just go to the one in Bogor. It is much bigger and much easier to go there. But, of course you will missed the wall-free, full-window one in Sentul. Here's how the cafe looks like from the outside. I get it from Google. Totall must visit when you are in Sentul. Okay, then. Have a nice weekend, folks :)

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