Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mash !

This is just a funny game I found on Internet. And this is just another post from an anoyying girl that doesn't know how to spend her holiday LOL.

This game is called MASH. Okay, here goes the instructions.

Firstly, go to this website And then, just fill in the blank. This game is just for fun only okay. Kalau berlaku betul2, emm, bagus lah. LOL.

This is all i write randomly because yeah, tak kan lah nak bagi nama crushes yang betul. Lepas dah isi semua, you must put the magic number. Magic number ni tak kisah lah korang nak letak nombor apa. Tapi, just for warning, semakin banyak nombor korang letak kat situ, semakin lama benda tu nak mash. Just look like my example, I put 479. In that case, I have to wait for a ... like forever, haha, so korang letak lah nombor yang simple2. Don't waste your time. Time is money. Money is life. Life is okay tak habis2.

Lepas dah habis mash, tadaa keluar lah result dy yang entah apa-apa. Enjoyy.

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