Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Exam is OVER. And, now the results are coming out. Ni yang tak suka ni. The results are HORRIBLE. I'm studying ! But, when, I was studying, I can hear the Tumblr is calling my name . . . . . maharani . . .maharani.

That's not a lie okay. I don't post lie on my blog. The only lie that I post here is the post before this post, when I say that I'm going to offline for a few weeks, I didn't. MUAHAHAHA. Okay, that's not funny really.

Now, for the holiday, rasanya tak pergi mana-mana. Sementara semua kawan-kawan yang lain pergi melancong , aku duduk rumah layan Tumblr dengan Cleverbot. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. 



  1. hahah ! masa exam 3 minggu . tak layan facebook tapi layan blogger and formspring ^^

  2. WHOA ! Exam 3 minggu? Mesti tension. Haha. Saya pun dah malas layan facebook. :P

  3. comel ah entri kamu nih. Hahahaha

    Btw, visit my blog yeah. :')

  4. Hehe, thanks :) Visit your blog already :)


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