Saturday, June 25, 2011

June is Too Short

Not-too-short recap : I missed the first two days of the second term because of fever. School days can't get more boring. My life is a struggle between bored and laziness. MMMMMMMMMMM.

Sekolah aku buat sukan tara pada 14 dan 15. Masa 15 tu aku demam lagi tapi, kena datang sebab doktor bagi cuti dua hari je. Lepas tu, kena lari jugak. Damn.

Lepas tu, this week, semua orang busy with Sports Day. Well, of course I'm the only exception. Uh, not the only one actually but most of my friends are involved except me. This week is a real boredom.

On the other side, there is SOME things happened during these weeks. For example, my MATH and KH teachers are being replaced by practical teachers. They are doing good so far but, who knows.

And, my mid-year examinations results are so frustating.

 Today is The DAY

Sports Day

You know what I like, the theme of this year.

SHIP. Teamwork wins championship.

Okay. Sekarang dah nampak. Anak siapa sesat kat tepi tu tak tau.

Okay tsunami blue.

My team will always be the best baby. Yeah.

This is my friend. Dia jadi maskot rumah merah. Kelakar gilaaaa.

The cheer girls.

Look at the way we run.

There is a funny story about this sports day. Firstly, nampak seorang budak ni pakai kasut warna biru then, tiba2 nampak lagi seorang budak pakai kasut macam tu. Kitorang ingat diorang tukar kasut tapi, rupanya tak. Lepas tu, ada lagi seorang budak pakai kasut SAMA macam kasut tadi. Like ohmygod, is it just a coincidence or diorang memang dah plan nak pakai kasut sama. Lepas tu, ada seorang budak perempuan lari pakai kasut warna gold. Then, tiba2 ada budak lelaki pakai kasut sama macam budak perempuan tu. Dejavu.

Lepas tu ada acara 4x100, 4x200. Tapi, bateri kamera dah habis. The End.

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