Sunday, January 13, 2013


I am finally back in Malaysia. Although, a part of me is still there and will always be there.

For starter, I think this blog is too depressed (?) Isn't it? If I was one of the reader if this blog, I would probably thought that it's written by an emo seventh grader or a cancer patient. I am really grateful for the people who were concerned about that fact. But, you guys need to know too. That I have a bright side of myself. I write usually about my sadness because as I write about it, I actually wrote the sadness away too.  Blogging the sadness away. Haha. So, I thought I would show my cheerful side in this post.

This is my PMR result. I finally see it! Face to face haha. 

Now that I realize it, my ID number is  LMAO.

I am really HAPPY that I got such an amazing result. I guess my hard work really does pay off. Alhamdulillah♥


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