Friday, November 11, 2011


Hello guys. How's today? Anything special happened to you today? It was a little hard for me actually. Because I've been expecting something really good happens today. But, well, the only big thing that happen to me this day is I broke my favourite plate. And, I've been worrying about it all day because people say that broken things are bad omens. Oh welll/////

11/11/11 is just another day fo the week, of the month, of the year. Although, it maybe doesn't happen for the next thousand years. But, it just the date, right? I mean, every day, every minute, every second is priceless. Time is priceless. You can't go back in time and simply change what you want to change. You need to use all your time you have very carefully. Make every seconds count. And, not just 11/11/11 but everyday.

I'm not saying that nothing good happens to me today. Katy Perry's new vid is coming. That counts too right? :p

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