Friday, September 30, 2011

Google Maps Street View

Lately, I find myself enjoying The Google Maps or actually more to the Google Maps Street View. This stuff is really cool. You just click here and there and you can actually see anything that happen in all places in the whole world ! Well not all places. Luar negara mostly. And, negara-negara yang maju macam England, America etc etc etc... Unfortunately, Malaysia is not on the list. Or else you guys will already seen the picture of my superawesomegila house. Lolno. But, seriously, this google street view is really awesome. So far, I've seen the road of London, New York, Los Angeles.... maybe you think it's a bit like google images but no. We can actually feel like we are walking on that very same street and see everything that happens around us. It's like we are really there but, we aren't. Because it needs another 10 more years until I really finds myself in one of those streets *stares dramatically*

But, every good things have their own, well, creepiness. I found out about this things, try this out.

Step 1) Go here 
Step 2 ) Search for this 47.110579,9.227568 
Step 3) Change the view to street view. 
Step 4) Rotate to look at the sky on right side of your computer/laptop screen.

Now, what did you see? No one knows whether it is an error on the satellite or just a reflection of light or just well i don't know. But, it really does give me a chill hby? :)

Credits : didyoukno

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