Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blow the candles.

19 September. Yups. That's my birthday. Although I don't make any party whatsoever this day is still special. So, here I want to say thank you to all the people who wish me my birthday. ME LOVE YA <3

And, my SPECIAL THANK YOU is for my best friend SAFEENA. She's so kind. She gives me this BEAUTIFUL necklace. ILOVEYOUSOMUCH <3

Whaddaya think?


  1. Comelnya....nak jugak. Besar loket. Akak ada tegok loket yg bentuk Kamera Nikon kt blog sape entah. Macam2 kan skang ni..hihiks. Follower ke-71...sudi2 la follow akak juga ya...hihiks.

  2. Hehe. Ha'ah, yang bentuk kamera nikon tu lawa sangatt <3 Okay akak comel :)


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