Thursday, December 1, 2011

Trans Studio Bandung

So, after a week in Jakarta. . . . . . .  We're going to Bandung. Have any of you readers visited this city? It's a lovely city and it's really chilly here. Lately, Bandung is famous for its new indoor theme park. Trans Studio. It's a bit like Universal Studio I think.

Here it is !

Gambar takde quality langsung, Because of the lights and my cheap camera.

There are a lot of section in this studio. There are Magic Corner, Lost World, Studio Central and many more. But, my favourite is the Magic Corner. Dia buat part ni macam cerita Harry Potter. Awesome !

Oh, broomstick ! Cool ! Do you have a Nimbus 2000? No ?! Whatthe- wait till my father hear about this !

OMG. There is a Dracula here too :O

And there is a fairy also. Weeee. I thought I saw Dumbledore once but, I think he goes to the toilet somewhat.

Whoopsy daisy.

We're in the Lost World section, the Pirate Ship. Now, where is Jack Sparrow?

Oh, there you are Jack. We've been looking for you. Oh, sorry, I mean... there you are CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow.

Enough looking around, time for the bumpy ride. This thing ^ is the sickest thing I've ever rode. It makes me want to throw up really. It's called the Giant Swing.

Vertigo is good too, I forget to take picture of the ride.

This one here is the BEST ride here !

Anyway, ramai gila orang Melayu datang sini. Really. I was just walking around the place and they were like speak Malay. And, I was like say whaaaatt? Lol.

At the end, all I can say is Trans Studio ni best gilaa. Paling best dia punya roller coaster tu. But, dia punya rumah hantu dia pun best gilaaaa. And, kat sini boleh naik ride tu banyak kali. Sekali, dua kali, tiga, seratus? doesn't matter. So, I go into the haunted house two times and also two times for a ride called Dragon Riders. It is cool too.

I hope I can go here again in the future :) 

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