Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday, we swagging.

As a lot of people aware, there is PMR this week. Unfortunately, my school tak mohon cuti one week. So, kitorang kena cuti bergilir dengan form 1. This week, form 2 dapat cuti satu hari je D: Which is on Wednesday. So, during that holiday, my friends are like having "the time of their life" when they were hanging out at Kampung Buku, Hutan Rekreasi Ayer Keroh near my house. I can't go becaaauuuse I have to go to KL. Dayumm.

So, that just won't do rite? It's not fair for me. So, today kita pergi sana lagi Yay.

Selalu macam ni, cakap je nak datang pukul 7.30 So, I'm waiting and waiting and waiting . . . . . FOREVER ALONE  :<

So, finally dis boy showed up. Tapi, dia jugak yang nak datang pukul 7.30 sebab nak jogging. NEVER HAPPENS.

The forest

And the others are arrived. This, of course is the one and only Safi.

This one is Soleha :D

Kampung Buku.

The video me and Irman watching is SIIICCCKK. I'm dying with laughter.
p/s : wifi dekat sini ohsome LOL

Everyday I'm tumblin'

Hey, Solehaaaaa. Watcha doin ;)

Haaaa. Dah ready belum?

GO !

We are the kings of the mountains !!!!!

More and more Safi.

Jambatan ni ohsome gilaaaaaaa.

2.30 Semua orang dah penat. Tapi, diorang stay dekat MCD sampai pukul 5 :|


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