Saturday, October 22, 2011

One Week

I was wondering what to do this holiday. I was thinking of sleeping for two or three days. But, I don't think my mother will be glad :/ During the holiday, I usually 'studying' But, now the exam is over. What am I going to do ?? So, luckily, my friend Irman has a collection of Harry Potter movie. BOOO YEAH. Going to spend this holiday watching Harry Potter, yay. This is heaven.

But, it turns out bad, all right. My mother, I don't know why she seems to hate me watching HP. I mean why why why? And, my sister's being a shit. At first, she always insulted Harry Potter and then, when I have the movie she suddenly wanted to watch it. WTF maannn. She watch the movie while I'm gone to the bathroom or other places, therefore, losing the part of the movie  I was watching. And, when we watch it together, she always commenting me macam "Part tu tak kelakar pun" or "Pelik lah kau ni" or "Gedik je" or etc. Perempuan, shut up lah you don't even know about the story -..-

 Enough of that, after watching the movies, I start to realize that I really want to have British accent. It's really AWEEESOME the way they talk. And I realize other thing, Tom Felton was really cute in the first movie. AWWWWHH. 

Em. Sorry about that.

And, other thing, if one of you readers are celebrating Deepavali. I wish you a very happy Deepavali okay. See you later, people :)


  1. i would be jealous if u get to watch da whole movie :D
    fanatic of HP too.

  2. Really? YAYYY! You know, it's hard to find Harry Potter's fan on blogspot :)

  3. yup.. tat's right.. sangatla kedababoom hard to find


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