Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another Tag

Maiza tagged me :) Thanks a lot dear ! So, this is her questions :

1. the most humiliating incident you had ever experienced
    Everday in my life is humiliating lol.
2. if you fail in something,what will u do?
    tell myself that there is always second chance.
3. mind sharing ur little secret with me? :P
    lol. I never share any of my secrets.
4. coffee or tea?
    Both :)
5. ur phone's brand
    Ugh. I don't have a phone.
6. real untasty food?
    Meat. I don't like meat.
7. your mum's name
    Rini Tri Widiastuti.
8. would u be my BFF one day?
    Sure thing, dear ! <3
9. ur fav colour
10. usher or bruno mars
      Bruno Mars <3
11. do u wear braces?
Tomorrow, school starts. Safi says Irman has a present for me. Wonder what will it be?

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  1. di tag untuk contest pasanganku romantik :)


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