Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back to School

After a week of holiday, I'm going back to school :D. I'm like

The holiday was a total boredness. Tak pergi mana2 pun sebab my father tak cuti. -.-
Glad that the holiday ends :B 
But, when I reach the school, Imade up my mind. First day at school selepas minggu peperiksaan mesti cikgu ada bagi sijil untuk budak2 yang dapat 8A tu. Too bad, periksa kali ni tak dapat. And then, one of my friend say : Kau tak naik pentas ke? Haha, lawak weh.

Then, ada budak baru masuk. Perempuan. Daripada Petaling Jaya. And she's got an awesome name. Nur Queen Sarradinie. WOW.

This whole week, many teachers don't come to school. So, spending time with playing Truth or Dare. Awal2 memang BEST gelak2. Lama2....

Oh, damn boring.

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